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The Third Summit for Democracy - The World in Retrospect
The World in Retrospect

From Mar. 18 to 20, Seoul hosted the Summit for Democracy, the third of its k...

Sweden Officially Joins NATO, Ending Neutrality - World Features
World Features

In a historic move influenced by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Sweden officia...

South Korean Author Han Kang Wins French Literary Prize - Hot News
Hot News

Han Kang’s latest novel, I Do Not Bid Farewell, has clinched the Emile Guimet...

All About South Korea’s General Election 2024 - Perspective

1. How did the elections take place? On Apr. 10, 2024, South Korean voter...

Exploring Steven Harrington’s Creative Universe - Arts

Steven Harrington’s museum exhibition in South Korea, “Stay Mello,” is curren...

EU Passes Groundbreaking Legislation To Regulate Artificial Intelligence - World on the Move
World on the Move

In a recent move, the European Union (EU) has introduced a new era of regulat...

U.N. FAO Sets Ambitious Target To Fight Global Hunger - World Matters
World Matters

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has set a new targ...

Photo News - Photo News
Photo News

Pilots Compete in Dubai Jetpack Competition On Feb. 28, D...