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YOLO: Enjoying the Present - Editorial

YOLO, an acronym for “You only live once,” is used to encourage people to liv...

World’s Highest Bridge Opens in China - World on the Move
World on the Move

The world’s highest bridge opened on Dec. 29 in China. Crossing the Nizhu Riv...

Screening for Digital Addiction - Explore the Idea
Explore the Idea

The growing addiction of children to digital screens is a source of worry for...

Promising Dental Breakthrough - Know Right Now
Know Right Now

No one likes a trip to the dentist. Despite modern advances in dental care th...

The King Who Loved Science - Historical Forum
Historical Forum

King Munjong, the fifth monarch of the Joseon Dynasty, left behind a great le...

Return of the Idols - 
Celebrity Tracks
Celebrity Tracks

A number of top Korean male stars in the music industry will return to the en...

Virtual Reality for Medical Therapy - Special Report
Special Report

Computer games are getting more sophisticated. The world depicted on a screen...

American Billionaire Donates Entire Fortune - Beyond the Window
Beyond the Window

Forty-nine days, three hours, seven minutes and 38 seconds. French sailor Tho...